Artwork by Lorenzo

My Story

As a Hispanic artist who has left footprints in New York, L.A., and now, back home in Chicago, my work has grown to reflect the struggles and happiness of my many experiences.

Painting from a young age was my soul-seeking destination.

My urban environment has always lived within my art. A world of many colors and curves, bringing together an unbridled energy.

The great artists of our time stylistically have always been a part of my inspiration and will continue to guide my hand through each work of art.

My Medium

Acrylic has always been my choice of medium largely due in fact to its quick drying properties. This characteristic has allowed me to keep my instincts honest and my true feelings to surface effortlessly in my art.

My Artist Statement

I believe every piece of art should be a reflection, moment, or experience we share from life itself. My choice of imagery and design is passionately driven by my thoughts, feeling, and interactions from my world... in my life.

The choice of color in my work (or lack thereof...) motivates and drives each story forward; based on either religion, culture, desire, love, passion, selfishness, thoughtfulness or all of the above.

Each piece of work has its own unique story...

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